The Secret to a Healthier Lifestyle

Are you fed up of eating fast food or TV dinners straight from the microwave? Do you feel as though you want to eat better but just don’t have the time to spend hours chopping vegetables, salads or fruits?

Problem Solved

We are all being encouraged to choose healthier options and include more fresh foods in our diet so choosing the Cuisique 8 in 1 Slicer is the perfect way to make quick and nutritious salads, noodles, stirfrys etc. to ensure you get the maximum goodness from the foods you eat and it only takes a few minutes to prepare them

Benefits of Cuisique 8 in 1 Slicer

  • 8 functions in one piece of equipment means more room in your kitchen cupboards. No need to buy a separate slicer juicer, mandolin and grater – Amaze your friends and family with delicious and nutritious salads in just a few minutes
  • Encourage children to eat their 5-a day by including curly carrots and spiraled cucumber and apples in their lunch boxes.
  • Make healthy potato crisps using just potato and the oil of your choice
  • Cut down on carbs and gluten by making vegetable noodles instead of using wheat pasta
  • Make fresh citrus juice and pour straight from the measuring jug included
  • Easy to grate parmesan and other hard cheeses without making a mess so less waste
  • Easy to operate. This vertical slicer means gravity does half the work so no awkward sideways pressure needed.
  • Manual machine so no electricity or batteries required

WARNING! The Blades are Extremely Sharp and Must be Kept Away from Children and Vunerable People