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by Maria on CUISIQUE
Very easy to use and clean

Very easy to use and clean. Perfect for low carb diets or followers of 5:2, or if you just fancy making your veg more interesting. I love it so much I actually plan my meals around using it!

by orangelly on CUISIQUE
Amazing Set of Measuring Cups

I wanted to buy a second set of measuring cups because I was tired of washing while cooking when I needed to use a certain cup more than once. I saw this set on sale and decided to order and i am so glad I did. I thought my other $40 set was the best set ever but I think this one might have that one beat. They are very good quality and I am sure they will last forever. The one thing that makes me like this set better than my other set is that they all stand up without falling over when they aren't stacked. My other set is handle heavy and the smaller cup sizes will not stand up when they are empty. If you are looking for a good quality set of measuring cups definitely give these a try!

by Amanda Hendry on CUISIQUE
At Last The Perfect Set of Measuring Cups!!

I've been wanting a good set of measuring cups for a while now and was really impressed with the pictures of the KitchenMade cups on Amazon so I ordered them right away. I received them promptly and was not disappointed they really are as nice in real life as on the photos. These cups are perfectly weighted so do not fall over when standing alone and the high polish finish makes them really nice to handle. Its really useful to have the 6 different sizes from 1/4 Cup up to 1 Cup and both Cups and Mls are engraved on the top of the handle so they are easy to read at a glance (I even tested the cups to see if they are accurate measures and of course they are) I am trying to steer away from plastic in the kitchen these days so the fact that these cups are high quality stainless steel is an added bonus and I know they will last me a lifetime especially as the handle is all part of the cup so can't fall off like my old set. This is definitely a 5 star product that I can highly recommend.

by Ian on CUISIQUE
A must for the kitchen

Swift service, well packaged, a super machine which does what it says on the tin!

by Oliver Dodd on CUISIQUE
you need one in your kitchen

I've recently moved out from my parents and have been trying my best to get into cooking fresh meals, so for christmas i asked my friends and family for cooking books and utensils and now my kitchen cupboards are now full of some brilliant & terrible kitchen tools but none of them compare to this........ i use this for most of my meals and just wash up when i wash my post and pans. easy! (i hate washing up but this is easy to clean)

you need one in your kitchen!

by Polly on CUISIQUE
Such a great product! Really easy to use

Such a great product! Really easy to use/dismantle and clean. Makes slicing veg so much simpler and more interesting! As I'm at uni i don't have much cupboard space, but as the different parts are small and can fit into/on the product, it makes it much easier to store. Would recommend to anyone.

by Olia Inak-Price on CUISIQUE
Very happy. It prepares the food the way it describes

Very happy. It prepares the food the way it describes. I think this style is easier to use than the side on style as the pressure is travelling downwards. There is also less wastage. The food container is a very useful added feature which minimises mess. I forgot to secure the suction feet so the machine moved but it has been rectified now. I would have liked the machine to be heavier and not stain so easily. The instruction leaflet is poor. The help video is excellent.

by Tina on CUISIQUE
Must have gadget for dieters!

Excellent kitchen utensil. Saved my fingers from bieng cut when making courgette spagetti. Easily dismantled for washing and stores inside itself so it doesn't take too much cupboard room!

by Matt on CUISIQUE
Great product

Haven't had this spiralizer for long yet but already it has proven to be a great buy! I find it really helps to speed up preparing food and it also stored away neatly and compact, not taking up too much of the vital cupboard space.

by Thorpiness on CUISIQUE

Wow finally I have found the perfect spiralizer, I have been looking for a spiralizer for ages and I bought the Cuisique one as it looked easy to use and better designed than others....and it is! I like the tray for collecting your shredded or spaghetti vegetables, it makes the perfect courgettie and julienne veg for amazing salads.

This is helping me to achieve my New Year goal of a fitter healthier 2015.

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